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Am I a pro-life feminist?

Jezebel ran an article the other day called There is no such thing as a ‘pro-life feminist’. Tracie’s article is written into an American context where the discussion around abortion is much more heated and political than here in Australia. Even so, abortion is a big issue for women who claim […]

On being a Christian and a feminist

I noted in the comments of this post recently that Christians can unfairly interact with a caricature of feminism. I get annoyed when people speak about the Christian faith in unsympathetic or un-nuanced terms so I think it’s important to interact generously with others, to hear how they define themselves. […]

Jezebel meets CBMW

I was waiting for this day. The day when my favourite feminist blog Jezebel discovered CBMW. Hugo Schwyzer’s a thoughtful writer but I confess I did feel a little sorry for CBMW — they just have such a PR problem! Take Schwyzer’s quote about their fight against ‘feminist egalitarianism’. That’s […]

Hey Christian Girl

I love Feminist Ryan Gosling. As a meme, ‘Hey Girl’ is necessarily ironic and self-referential. I was delighted to discover Hey Christian Girl. It takes the old ‘Christian pick up lines’ idea to a whole new level. Some are hopelessly American but they’re all good for a laugh. As Jezebel […]

Learning “Mother” from Mormons

I blogged recently about the Protestant ideal woman, the mother. Luther considered this to be  a sacred calling. Cutting across the tendency to see some vocations as ‘holy’ and some as ‘secular’, Luther saw all work as a way of glorifying God. Yet, in today’s world, women “leave” work to […]