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Feminist Hermeneutics and Hebrews 11

There’s been an interesting discussion about the story of Jephthah’s daughter over at Feminism and Religion. I enjoy the opportunity there for people from different places on the feminist spectrum to exchange ideas. I’ve found it particularly fruitful for helping me to understand different hermeneutics i.e. different ways of reading […]

The possibility of optimism

Exum raises a number of questions about how we read biblical texts that seem to oppress women. One question is what they say about women. Another is what they say about God. One problem is that there is no perfect culture. All human interactions are tainted by sin. But what […]

Murder They Wrote

In The Pleasure of Her Text Alice Bach counters those who believe that gender is too narrow a lens for re-interpreting the bible: “Resistance comes usually from those who have never thought of gender as influencing reading. The male gender has dominated the voice of the text, including also its […]