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Mugabe is gone: what do Tanzanians say?

Last night Robert Mugabe finally gave his resignation to the Speaker of the Zimbabwe Parliament, and impeachment proceedings against him were stopped. This morning, I asked some local friends from our street what they thought about it. Everyone’s been following it, but with all the moving pieces it’s been hard […]

Julius Nyerere on university students

Julius Nyerere was Baba wa Taifa of Tanzania, ‘Father of the Nation’, and his portrait still hangs in many shops, banks and schools. He also bore the title Mwalimu, ‘Teacher’. Education was a massive priority for him and this is what he had to say about university students. Those who […]

In praise of the Arts degree

We’ve all heard the jokes about Arts degrees. I should know – I did one. Arthur went one step further and did Honours. Then we followed up with theology. We are overly qualified to work at Maccas. In contrast to that, Mehal Krayem has written a great piece on why […]

Tanzanian universities: 1960s-70s

Part 3/6 in a series on the history of Tanzanian universities It’s often said that the key to understanding the last 50 years of Tanzanian history is the legacy of Julius Nyerere. This is also a useful lens for understanding the educational philosophy and development of Tanzanian universities.