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Murder They Wrote

In The Pleasure of Her Text Alice Bach counters those who believe that gender is too narrow a lens for re-interpreting the bible: “Resistance comes usually from those who have never thought of gender as influencing reading. The male gender has dominated the voice of the text, including also its […]

Unheroes of the past

I’ve posted recently about the failings of Thomas Cranmer and Jonathan Edwards, asking why we’re reluctant to speak about their shortcomings. I wonder whether we’re scared that this might discredit their ministry. My (anecdotal) argument is motivated by great ‘heroes’ of the Bible who were pretty suspect themselves. Their fallenness […]

UFC and Christians

So the new black in the world of Christian masculinity is UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s two men in a cage, beating each other up while other men watch either in person or on television. Christian men are no exception to the craze, starting […]