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Missionary Legacy

I recounted a conversation about missionary legacy in an article for Eternity recently. In it, I hinted that this is not the only way to view missionaries, and I thought I’d fill that out a bit. Our friend from the article, the one staying with us, gave us his perspective […]

Royal Wedding Rant

I won’t be watching the Royal Wedding on Friday. That’s mainly because we booked in dinner with friends before we realised the clash, shock horror! But I can’t say I feel ambivalent towards it either. In fact, I’ve been feeling sort of upset about it and not sure why. I’ve […]

Preparing for the long haul

We just got back from a retreat with our college learning community.  Rhys Bezzant is hoping to stitch together spiritually sustainable Christian leaders who are prepared for the long haul of a life of adversity.  He took us through two studies on Jesus’ letters to the church of Smyrna and […]