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Stretch Women’s Summit

I had the privilege of attending Stretch Women’s Summit this weekend, presented by Soaring Women International which was founded by Luphurise Mawere. The name Stretch comes from the idea that many women remain in the situation they are because they don’t step outside of their comfort zones or think flexibly; […]

“Just have more faith” revisited

The phrase “just have more faith” is a hallmark of the prosperity gospel. I have generally also perceived it to be detrimental. Here are people who already have so little and you are telling them that they also don’t have enough faith?! Adding insult to injury, you tell them that […]

It’s not the prosperity gospel

Luphurise Mawere, whose podcast I’ve written about recently, advertised in our networks her online financial literacy classes. She said, “the secret to change your financial situations lies in acquiring right skills, knowledge, strategies and tools that will help to make sound financial decisions.” The response from one senior TAFES associate […]