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Why marry anyone at all?

This comes out of two conversations.   One Christian has been going out with a non-Christian, and has been harshly criticised by his Christian friends for what they see as a completely wrong relationship.  Another Christian has struggled with both her own singleness and the way singles can be overlooked […]

Gender and hereditary loss of hearing

As Tamie and I continue writing about gender, we’ve had two kinds of experiences. We’ve been encouraged by respectful conversations with others, such as the interaction following On Femininity. Yet we’ve been saddened to meet others who wouldn’t even consider the discussion because it has been so hurtful and offensive […]

Gender empowerment

I sometimes get the feeling that Christians aren’t much closer to the meaning of gender than anyone else. On the one hand, there’s mainstream Australian Christianity, which often acts as if gender doesn’t really exist, or doesn’t say anything much about it, and so disempowers anyone with a gender.  It […]

Man Up!

This post’s part of a discussion with all the brothers and sisters on Adelaide Christian Scene (Facebook).  Feel free to comment, whether or not that includes you!