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UFC and Christians

So the new black in the world of Christian masculinity is UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s two men in a cage, beating each other up while other men watch either in person or on television. Christian men are no exception to the craze, starting […]

Which bridge?

Two of the most controversial and prominent figures in evangelical Christianity are Rob Bell (of NOOMA fame) and Mark Driscoll. Both emphasise the importance of engaging with culture, ‘building bridges’ with unbelievers – both have called their churches ‘Mars Hill’ after Paul’s encounter in Acts 17. Yet they have very […]

Gender empowerment

I sometimes get the feeling that Christians aren’t much closer to the meaning of gender than anyone else. On the one hand, there’s mainstream Australian Christianity, which often acts as if gender doesn’t really exist, or doesn’t say anything much about it, and so disempowers anyone with a gender.  It […]