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Why don’t (Tanzanian) men go to church?

The contention of the ‘Why men hate going to church’ movement is that church has become feminised. From David Murrow’s website: With the dawning of the industrial revolution, large numbers of men sought work in mines, mills and factories, far from home and familiar parish. Women stayed behind, and began […]

UFC and Christians

So the new black in the world of Christian masculinity is UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s two men in a cage, beating each other up while other men watch either in person or on television. Christian men are no exception to the craze, starting […]

Gender in Genesis, part 2

This is a continuation of the discussion about Genesis 1-2. Below I’ve taken another angle on the story, focusing on the man. Along the way, I’ll interact with Richard Hess’s contribution to Discovering Biblical Equality. One of his summary statements, “unity in personhood and diversity in gender”, aligns with the […]

Gender empowerment

I sometimes get the feeling that Christians aren’t much closer to the meaning of gender than anyone else. On the one hand, there’s mainstream Australian Christianity, which often acts as if gender doesn’t really exist, or doesn’t say anything much about it, and so disempowers anyone with a gender.  It […]

Man Up!

This post’s part of a discussion with all the brothers and sisters on Adelaide Christian Scene (Facebook).  Feel free to comment, whether or not that includes you!