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Doing pre-natal care cross-culturally

Living cross-culturally leaves you vulnerable. You don’t know how to do all the ‘normal’ things or what the everyday procedures are. People laugh at you. They think you are stupid. Each new life experience brings this home in new ways. So doing the already vulnerable state of pregnancy cross-culturally is […]

Tanzania: land of peace?

Remember when we blogged about the Tanzanian doctor strike? They won, in theory, but tensions have flared up again, most notably in the beating of the doctors’ public representative, Dr Ulimboka. Tanzania has so prided itself on peace, especially compared with the strife and corruption of some of its African […]

Dulcie on childbirth in Tanzania

The CMS missionary training college is called St Andrew’s Hall and we went to their graduation today. There’s a wealth of missionary experience in the people there, including a number from Tanzania. What a wonderful opportunity for us to hear stories and learn! We got talking with Dulcie, an elderly […]