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Communitarian visions again

I was part of a UK Twitter conversation about the place of the church and the ‘parachurch.’ Eddie Arthur then responded on his blog, and what he said got me thinking: DNA: you can trace the origins of church congregations back to the New Testament. There has been a lot […]

William Carey on mission mobilisation

Suppose a company of serious Christians, ministers and private persons, were to form themselves into a society… For all Protestant Christianity’s concern for right doctrine, it had a pretty rusty record in terms of mission during its first 200 years.  But William Carey, ostensibly the father of Protestant missions, helped […]

Going Parachurch 2: Ordination?

Christian ministers talk a lot about ‘pastoral ministry’ (running a local church) and often call it ‘the ministry’.  This is the established ministry path in every denomination, and denominational trainers may even present it as definitive.  However, as I explored last post, parachurch and mission do not require denominational endorsement.  Still, […]