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5 years in

We have been in Tanzania 5 years. Which, since we said we’d come for about 10 puts us at the halfway mark. Yikes! Cos it feels like we haven’t really done anything yet! This is exactly what we expected of course. CMS talks to its workers about their 3 year […]

On ‘Will you have running water?’

For Australians, a common image of Tanzania (or pretty much any African nation) is little mud huts, women cooking over charcoal and children carrying water on their heads. Many times as we were preparing to leave Australia, people asked us, ‘Will you have running water and electricity in Tanzania?’ We reminded […]

10 lessons from a problem at the bank

Banks in Tanzania feel familiar. They’re clean, sterile and quiet. The lady behind the counter wears a blue blouse. She types numbers into a keyboard. There are posters about customer service on the walls. They have that counter with all the different forms that you fill out before you see […]