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The acceleration of a love story

Here’s my theory about the acceleration of a love story in a TV series. Most narrative in our society is told through male eyes. (That’s not the theory part—that’s pretty well-attested.) But the speed with which the love story develops and the attention given to it are proportional to the […]

She Can Read

She Can Read is Emily Cheney’s attempt to answer the feminist question of  whether it is possible for a ‘her’ to read. While some feminists highlight women’s writing over men’s, others suggest that because language is so laden with patriarchy, even when women write or read, they reinforce that patriarchy. […]

Murder They Wrote

In The Pleasure of Her Text Alice Bach counters those who believe that gender is too narrow a lens for re-interpreting the bible: “Resistance comes usually from those who have never thought of gender as influencing reading. The male gender has dominated the voice of the text, including also its […]

Lessons with Emirates

On the plane from Dubai to Dar es Salaam, there was a Tanzanian family sitting a few rows in front of us. It was a Dad, an older woman, possibly his mother, and three young children. The youngest was a little girl, probably about 18 months and she was adorable. […]