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Pentecostal Theology in Africa (new series)

When I read Pentecostal Theology in Africa, I felt that it articulated many of the things Arthur and I have wondered at or groped for as we’ve been trying to understand Pentecostalism in Tanzania. Clifton Clarke’s introduction interacts with Ogbu Kalu’s work on Africa’s Pentecostalism. Kalu is against the view […]

More on Pentecostals in Tanzania

Something we’ve been confused about here in Tanzania is why so many Christian women marry Muslims. We asked our student friends, one of whom has a sister who got married to a Muslim. They said it’s not family pressure. Instead, for most girls, it’s seeing the money the Muslim guys […]

Learnings on Pentecostalism so far

The longer we’ve been in Tanzania, the more convinced Arthur and I have become that we need to come to terms with Tanzanian Pentecostalism. What are its distinctives? How is it different from Pentecostalism in Australia? What is its history? Where is it at these days? As I’ve chatted with […]