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It’s easier to give than to receive

In my world, anyway, it’s easier to give than to receive. Do other ministry people feel this way? We spend so much of our lives extending the hand of friendship; proffering hospitality; sitting down listening to others; advocating on their behalf. And I don’t consider that an imposition – it’s […]

Cross-cultural servanthood prayers

As preparation for St Andrew’s Hall, where we will spend five months preparing with CMS for our move to Tanzania, I’m reading Duane Elmer’s Cross Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility. It’s a challenging read, not because it’s stuff I don’t know but because there are so many […]

What was David’s sin?

The sermon at church tonight was on 2 Samuel 11-12 – you know, the story about David up to no good with Bathsheba and then the prophet Nathan tells David a story which helps him to see his sin and repent. As I was looking at the passage, though, I […]