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Robert Heaney: evangelical and postcolonial?

I know this author a little so I’ve been especially looking forward to this one: Robert Heaney’s chapter in Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations is ‘Prospects and problems for evangelical postcolonialisms’. He’s asking: in what sense might evangelical and postcolonial go together? It’s a pretty academic chapter covering a lot of ground, but this is a key question. Heaney spends time defining both […]

Doing the opposite

During our language classes, our tutor acted as cultural interpreter as well. One piece of advice he gave us was to think about what Australians do and then assume the opposite. Here are some ‘opposites’ we’ve been told about or discovered: if you want to protest your innocence, indignance or […]

Tanzania: land of peace?

Remember when we blogged about the Tanzanian doctor strike? They won, in theory, but tensions have flared up again, most notably in the beating of the doctors’ public representative, Dr Ulimboka. Tanzania has so prided itself on peace, especially compared with the strife and corruption of some of its African […]