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Head shift (another one)

Our life in Dodoma has got a pretty good rhythm now. For the time being, I mostly know what to expect. We’re feeling pretty well together and not isolated. There’s tiredness, but no shell-shock. I’m always casting around for new experiences; it’s part of what drives me. I’m always animated […]

Historical fiction reviews

I’ve always loved reading fiction and having a Kindle has meant being able to read in a place where books are scarce to find, expensive to buy and bulky to transport. When it comes to historical fiction, I prefer stories which are about ordinary people against the backdrop of great […]

The ‘Grand High Witch’ Sings

Most nights, Arthur reads me to sleep. Most of the time, it’s quite soothing. Other times, it’s too exciting. Occasionally, there’s a particularly stand-out moment. Like this one, when he launches into the Grand High Witch’s song from Roald Dahl’s The Witches. For those who are not familiar with the […]