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Two sides of contextualisation

Red Twin and I have been talking about contextualisation: the necessity and complication of putting off your own culture to live in another. It’s always a compromise. Everyone draws the line somewhere different. But it’s more complex than simply working out what you’re comfortable with. What do those in your current country think? For […]

Life in 3D

Since Red Twin has got here a number of people have made comments to me about what it’s like to see us together. One person said it’s like watching two cats purring, another that we seem to bask in each other’s presence. It’s what other members of our family call […]

Kids Min Moments

Red Twin is living next door to us for 6 months doing some cross-cultural training before she heads to Afghanistan. She’s also Children’s Ministry Guru and today I sat in on a Bible study she was doing with three primary school aged girls.