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Students Speak 3

Our conversation partners are into exams and holidays but that hasn’t stopped us chatting with students! This week I met J, a third year nursing student. Though he’s a free Pentecostal, he thinks that the most important thing is to be a Christian first. There were two hallmarks of Christianity […]

‘Truth’ is not apologetics

The 2012 Global Atheist Convention is coming up in about a fortnight here in Melbourne. It’s got me thinking about apologetics. Here’s my assertion: ‘truth’ is not the same as apologetics. It’s an old saying that there’s nothing apologetic about apologetics: it’s confidently defending Christianity. But I’m not so sure […]

Stained by sin, to you I cry

The sub-headings are from  Rock of Ages, a classic hymn and one of my favourites. Not the labour of my hands Every leader is guilty of shameful thoughts, disgusting habits, perverse ambitions and foul behaviour. But what do you do when people are looking up to you as an example? […]