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Part of the family

One of the reasons we chose Ridley was its size – big enough to have a diverse student cohort and small enough to have access to the lecturers. Tonight we had dinner with one of our lecturers and his family. The kind of hospitality they showed us was very instructive […]

Gnostic Gospels

This year at college I wrote an essay for Church History on the Gnostic and canonical Gospels. While it’s an interest area for me, I continue to be amazed by how often it comes up in pop culture and general conversations with all kinds of people. So I thought maybe […]

Strength (The Weakness Series)

Thanks to those who have responded with real concern to The Weakness Series (over at the Ridley blog as well), particularly in wanting to encourage me that God uses the weak and to just get on with ministry, trusting him. However, part of the reason I want to think about […]

The Weakness Series

One of the great things about doing a ministry traineeship for two years before coming to college as I did is that the ‘real’ experience of full-time ministry provides you with plenty of questions! One of my questions that I’ve raised before (here and here) is how to deal with […]

Calling: Take 2

The Take 2 series continues some thoughts from a previous conversation sparked by my Ministry Formation class. Here is the first draft of my second attempt at thinking about ‘calling’, so please ignore the poor writing. But help me out – what do you think of the argument? What’s obscure or […]