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Doing the opposite

During our language classes, our tutor acted as cultural interpreter as well. One piece of advice he gave us was to think about what Australians do and then assume the opposite. Here are some ‘opposites’ we’ve been told about or discovered: if you want to protest your innocence, indignance or […]

Gay conversion on Hungry Beast

Last night our much-loved Hungry Beast ran a story on ‘gay conversion’, along with a live forum.  Gay conversion, also known as reorientation or ex-gay ministry, is the Christian idea that people with unwanted same-sex attraction can become ‘straight’.  Here are a few thoughts from my Christian point of view.

Lessons from the gym

Our Monday gym instructor just came third in the Victorian natural bodybuilding comp, qualifying for the nationals in which she will compete this weekend. It’s been fascinating watching her go from being a lean, fit looking woman down to 8% body fat and I’ve been intrigued by both the science […]