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Cross-cultural servanthood prayers

As preparation for St Andrew’s Hall, where we will spend five months preparing with CMS for our move to Tanzania, I’m reading Duane Elmer’s Cross Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility. It’s a challenging read, not because it’s stuff I don’t know but because there are so many […]

Dulcie on childbirth in Tanzania

The CMS missionary training college is called St Andrew’s Hall and we went to their graduation today. There’s a wealth of missionary experience in the people there, including a number from Tanzania. What a wonderful opportunity for us to hear stories and learn! We got talking with Dulcie, an elderly […]

Tanzania: why go? (Part 1)

So, why go to Africa? Long term? or just for this visit? I thought I’d thought about this before but this week I’ve had a number of conversations that have caused me to re-visit this as Christians have discouraged me from our current long term plan to work in Tanzania.