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A day in the life…

Every day as part of our Swahili homework, we write a journal entry about what we did that day. I thought I’d post an English translation here as a way of giving a window on what an average day looks like at the moment. Plus, it should give an idea […]

Early language learning reflections

At the end of our first week of language learning, there’s a lot to like about Swahili. It’s way more phonetic than English (goodbye diphthongs!) and the grammar structure is more like Hebrew, except the verb stems are long enough that they don’t disappear. Plus, there are no gendered pronouns […]

The ‘New Tanzania’

One of the most striking things about Tanzania is the incredible poverty of its people. Now, you expect that when you go to Africa – I’d seen enough World Vision appeals that the Tanzanian countryside didn’t shock me, sad though it was. Here’s what was surprising: the scorn expressed by […]