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Picture books for TCKs

TCKs are Third Culture Kids and our little Elliot is one. We’ve been keen to surround him with resources that will help him to sort out his world, however subtly. Because books and reading are a big part of our family life, we’ve been on the lookout for picture books […]

Circular conversations about parenting

I think Elliot has passed some sort of Tanzanian developmental milestone. Where before I had to ensure that he was wearing socks, and field questions about whether he was cold, now that he’s walking the discussion is about whether he’s talking yet. This is also possibly because he’s twice the […]

More on cross-cultural parenting

When I get told off for dressing my son inappropriately, sometimes I try to give reasons to explain why. For example, I might talk about the weather or his level of activity. However, I commonly receive the same baffling reply, ‘Well, you’re in Tanzania now!’ When this happens, I think […]

My highlight of NTE

Last Friday I wrote on Facebook I couldn’t be in the main sessions or seminars so most of my NTE experience revolved around the strand group Arthur and I were leading. It was Strand 2, which means our people had been to NTE once before (and obviously come back for […]

How far can contextualisation go?

I believe in contextualisation, of putting off my own cultural baggage to take up another culture. I believe in it as an act of love, because it communicates the dignity of that culture and an act of humility, because it doesn’t assume that my culture is superior. People like Roberto […]