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iCatechisms 3: 321

Here’s the final of our iCatechisms for now. 321 was released one year ago by Glen Scrivener in the UK. 321 is designed as a catechism with evangelism in mind, not the other way around, so it’s less dependent on a hook for outsiders.

Vulnerable mission 1: lost in translation?

‘Missionaries from the West like to hit the ground running to solve as many of other people’s problems as possible in the increasingly short term they have available for service…’ Uh oh. In this series we’ll explore the book Theory to Practice in Vulnerable Mission by Jim Harries. Vulnerable mission is a way […]

More on choosing a Bible version

There is a glut of modern English Bible versions! None of them are perfect, of course, but how do we choose which is most appropriate? I’ve argued previously that the NIV is the most versatile version. However, different translations serve different purposes. For exploring this further I highly recommend this article by Bible translator […]

Song of Moses

Each semester before classes start, I try to get all the ‘focus passages’ for Greek and Hebrew exegesis translated. The semester is less hectic when there aren’t weekly translations to do – I just need to look it over before class because most of the work is already done. This […]