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Travelling prayer 4

Christ as a light illumine and guide me Christ as a shield overshadow and cover me Christ be under me Christ be over me Christ be beside me On left hand and right Christ be before me, behind me, about me Christ, this day, be within and without me Amen […]

Travelling prayer 3

Bless to me, O God, The Earth beneath my foot Bless to me, O God, The path whereon I go Bless to me, O God, The thing of my desire Thou Evermore of evermore, Bless Thou to me my rest ~ Bless to me the thing Whereon is set my […]

Travelling prayer 1

The path I walk, Christ walks it May the land which I am in be without sorrow May the Trinity protect me wherever I stay, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Bright angels walk with me, dear presence, in every dealing May every path before me be smooth, man, woman, and […]