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iCatechisms 3: 321

Here’s the final of our iCatechisms for now. 321 was released one year ago by Glen Scrivener in the UK. 321 is designed as a catechism with evangelism in mind, not the other way around, so it’s less dependent on a hook for outsiders.

Theology brewed in an African pot: Trinity

Many of Orobator’s categories are recognisably and classically Christian. In his treatment of the Trinity, he suggests that the issue for the African is how the One God (a familiar concept in traditional African religion) can in fact be three. He suggests that explanations of ‘three persons’ have drawn too […]

John Stott’s daily prayer

Good morning Heavenly Father Good morning Lord Jesus Good morning Holy Spirit Father, I worship you, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe Jesus, I worship you, Saviour and Lord of the world Spirit, I worship you, Sanctifier of the people of God Glory to the Father, and the Son, and […]

Hope for today (Trinity series)

The Trinity is a profoundly hopeful doctrine. Not a ‘wishful thinking’ kind of hope but a ‘calm assurance’ kind of hope.  Today I want to ask what it means for everyday life and in the next post I’ll ask what it means for the way we think about the future. […]

Our JW caller

A few months back, a JW called Glenn came to our door. Apparently he didn’t realise we live at a theological college – his opening line was, ‘Hi there, just wondering if you’ve ever read the Bible?’ We’ve seen him  a number of times since then. Sometimes he comes back […]