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Reading Esther 4 with Peter Adam

‘For such a time as this’ may be the most famous phrase from Esther. It comes from the passage we looked at in Thursday’s chapel sermon. Taking a ‘slightly experimental’ approach to preaching, Peter told us at the beginning what the application would be, asking us to choose which was […]

Of Sorrows

It’s my Granny’s funeral tomorrow and I’m feeling pretty anxious about it. The death of a loved one is difficult and I suspect that the funeral will bring that loss into even sharper focus. Plus, I’m concerned for my family members – they too will be coping with grief and […]

Beginnings of Trust

A new little book arrived for me in the post today. It’s a devotional called Trust: a godly woman’s adornment by Lydia Brownback (who blogs here.) If you’ve read my stuff on femininity, you’ll understand why the title grabbed my attention.


The hyperbole of fairy tale that is The Princess Bride has long provided fodder for sermon illustrations and Christian analogies. Themes like hope, perseverance, faithfulness, justice, rescue and resurrection have clear links with the gospel message. But I have also found it helpful in thinking about disappointment with God.