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Eclipsing ‘Lead, Protect, Provide’

The third offering in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, taps into the same sexual tension that the rest of the series has. The stunning foreplay between Bella and Edward continues to profile a titillating fantasy of desire. (Although this time the relational porn for girls is supplemented by the visual elements […]

Buffy = Bella

Apparently, in a fight between Buffy and Edward Cullen, Buffy would win. That’s because she’s feisty where he’s gloomy. Plus, she’s filmed in warm colours. Obviously that makes her more powerful. *SPOILER ALERT*

A Christian Twilight?

Christian publishing houses are coming out with their own vampire literature. “Thirsty” comes out later this year with cover artwork that looks suspiciously familiar. Putting aside the obvious cynicism that all the writer / publishers are doing is cashing in on the success of Twilight, stop and think for a […]

Culture Watch

Keeping abreast of what’s going on in secular culture is key to engaging with unbelievers. Not only does it give you something in common, it can also give insight into what the felt needs are and how the gospel speaks into that. This is why I’ve previously blogged about Twilight, […]

Just one more thing about Twilight

OK, so seriously, I’m going to stop my Twilight obsessing after this post. Promise! I’ve just finished reading the final book anyway so there’s no more left (although the movie comes out soon….) There’s no doubt that I enjoyed reading them, not for their literary value (I don’t need to add […]

Twilight: Post-Script

I was thinking more with my small group tonight about Twilight (I’m up to the third in the series: Eclipse) and some of the guys helpfully wanted to explore the porn thing a bit more. Just as porn is sinful for guys, do I think that reading Twilight is sinful […]