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Women on the Cutting Edge

According to Darrin Patrick, what’s missing in mission is men who will church plant. In Melbourne, the call has gone out to men to lead the charge. That’s not to say women are unimportant – Piper acknowledges that women have been faithful in mission all along, even as he argues […]

William Carey on mission mobilisation

Suppose a company of serious Christians, ministers and private persons, were to form themselves into a society… For all Protestant Christianity’s concern for right doctrine, it had a pretty rusty record in terms of mission during its first 200 years.  But William Carey, ostensibly the father of Protestant missions, helped […]

Unheroes of the past

I’ve posted recently about the failings of Thomas Cranmer and Jonathan Edwards, asking why we’re reluctant to speak about their shortcomings. I wonder whether we’re scared that this might discredit their ministry. My (anecdotal) argument is motivated by great ‘heroes’ of the Bible who were pretty suspect themselves. Their fallenness […]