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“Let them be busy at home”

Our friend Samaki was telling us about his ministry in another part of Tanzania. He is introducing people to Isa Al-Masih in a Muslim part of the country. When people start following Jesus, they don’t announce, “I’m now a Christian!” but their lives are changed and people notice and ask, […]

Research Proposal

I spent Summer Project 2010/11 looking at feminist theology hoping to find something I wanted to pursue for my MDiv Research Project. Originally, I thought I would look at the concept of ‘mother’ in the OT but I’ve decided that’s a little too ambitious for this paper. Instead, I’ve re-directed […]

Women of “manly faith”

An important feminist principle is to self-define womanhood rather than defining woman according to men. For example, women whose primary self-understanding is as wife, mother or widow are defined by their relationships to men; sister and daughter are often not very far behind. If women are described positively in masculine […]

Jane Barker

Studying for History of Evangelicalism, I came across Jane Barker, wife of Frederic Barker who was the Bishop of Sydney in the mid-19th century. I love finding stories in history of fiery women with a heart to see people in Australia know the Lord Jesus.

A Multi-Leia Story

Today I watched Star Wars episodes IV and V, not for the first time of course – I was ‘educated’ from a young age! But this was the first time in a while that I’ve seen them side by side in the one day and this time I was struck […]