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Students Speak 8

Last weekend I spoke at ‘Binti Sayuni’ (Daughters of Zion), a ministry to girls run by one of the student fellowship leaders at St John’s, Lizzy. It’s her personal ministry rather than coming under the umbrella of the chaplaincy but I think it’s fantastic and am keen to support her. […]

I am my sister’s keeper: book review

This is the first installment of a two book review. Both books are from publisher Christian Focus (the same one that published Feminine Threads). The first, I am My Sister’s Keeper by Denise George, addresses Christian women about ‘reaching out to wounded women’. The second, No More Hurting by Gwen Purdie, […]

Learning Community from Muslim Women

When I blogged on Women Only Communities I mentioned a paper I was intending to read on the place of women in Muslim societies. The author uses both her experiences of living in the Middle East for 20 years and scholarship to ask how understanding this might help in the evangelism […]

‘Working’ with women

I recently read Cathy’s thoughts about women’s ministry, asking if we build women’s ministry around leisure, in danger of becoming idle, 1 Tim 5 women. Wendy commented on a related post to say that sometimes that’s the only way to do women’s ministry because if kids are under foot, it’s […]