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James Bond encounters giant nude sand monster, escapes with life

[From 22 November]

The Quantum of Solace is a violent, breakneck scuttle through five countries in a mere 105 minutes.

The film’s pacing and use of violence is more akin to The Bourne Identity than anything in its 007 heritage. No more the fisticuffs and stylised scuffles; Bond’s fight scenes have become mind-numbingly swift, chaotic and vicious. Bond has a long history as a suave, nonchalant poser but Daniel Craig has transformed him into a brutal assassin with a new note of unbridled savagery.

Despite his air of thuggery, Daniel Craig’s Bond is a newly believable addition to the 007 lineage. Previous Bonds have often been highly stylised, not just emotionally cold but hollow, mannequins to wear a pretty suit and voice a cool line. The new Bond has a strong emotional foundation in his love for Vesper Lynd and rage at her betrayal and demise. Craig’s portrayal of brokenness is unprecedented and far more realistic than the George Lazenby experiment with a vulnerable Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969).

All this, including the disappearance of Q, gadgets, one-liners and innuendo, is because James Bond has been ‘rebooted’. The 007 franchise is getting a makeover and Daniel Craig is remaking Bond from the ground up. Where will Bond 23 leave this twentieth century icon?

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