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World-changing, empire-toppling, idol-smashing prayer

Ridley had Prayer Week a few weeks back.  Here’s something I put together — I hope you find it useful!

I have a love-hate relationship with the Lord’s Prayer.

It’s packed full of world-changing, empire-toppling, idol-smashing statements!  In praying it, we ask God to overturn and pull down everything so that he might set right and restore all things.  It’s a prayer of utter dependence and exalted freedom, of dying the death to self and living the true life in Christ.  And it’s Jesus’ own how-to on prayer.

Yet, I’ve nearly always found it useless in church.  Reeling it off as we tend to, as the close of prayer or a mere segue to the next part of proceedings, has time and again left me cold.

As I wrote earlier, I find it best to dwell on each statement and use each one as a launch pad for praying.  This also enables me to escape the wooden words in my memory. 

Let’s ask our Father:

  • That people everywhere would bring honour to his name
  • To bring his kingdom in fullness and set everything right
  • To provide for our needs
  • To forgive us, give us repentant hearts and empower us to forgive others
  • To enable us to be faithful to him in every situation

Let’s consider:

  • Where is our Father not being honoured?
  • What needs do we and others have?
  • Of what things are we unrepentant?
  • Where are we struggling to be true to our Father?

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