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We don’t visit many of our sidebar links on a regular basis, but they’re some of our first ports of call for stuff we need to know!

  1. Steve Addison recently released his book Movements that change the world, a first-rate manual for missions and parachurch.  I’m hogging the Ridley library’s copy over the summer.  See more at his site, including his blog, which picks up where the book leaves off.
  2. Matthias Media continues to produce useful resources for growing Christians and churches.  Along with their new site they’ve got these new mini-zines.  We haven’t read them yet but they look great and are cheap!
  3. CASE provides great resources for thoughtful Christians, such as this article about the Christian message in the arts.
  4. Damaris provides up to date reflections on pop culture, such as this one on the New Moon film.
  5. New to Theology Network is this article on thinking about the environment.

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