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Death by infographics!

Infographics.  I’m crazy about them.  They’re so endlessly interesting!

But I find they can induce a certain opiate haze.  I don’t seem to be knowing anyone better, doing anything differently, or travelling anywhere new.  I’ve drifted into the shallows, they say.  Infogasms destroy lives, people!  If I could show you a pie chart for every lost minute and derailed thought…  Wait, maybe that’s my RSS feed.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much vowed never to use infographics here.  But I believe I have found the One Ring to rule them all: this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  I’m pretty sure it is the coolest thing you will ever watch — well, today at least.  (Via Sammy J.  It’s a rehash of this Röyksopp music video.)

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