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Meanwhile, in Pakistan

The Pakistan floods seem to have passed out of the Western news media, but it’s still a bigger disaster than the tsunami, Kashmir, and Haiti — combined.

  • 20% of Pakistan has been flooded, most of it farmland, a blow to the country’s food supply.
  • 21 million people are directly affected. Half of these are children and almost 3 million are under the age of five. 10 million are currently living without shelter, 6 million are entirely reliant on emergency food provision, and over 2 million have no home left to go home to at all.
  • The total economic cost to the already poverty-stricken country has been estimated at more than 43 billion US dollars.

Those figures are paralysing in their enormity. How could I possibly help 21 million people?

But underneath those unimaginable numbers are communities, families, and individuals, real people who need real help.

Some of our friends, the Lock brothers, grew up in Pakistan and have decided the best they could do would be to visit some of the flood-affected communities in person. They’ve set up a project called 1toAnother, helping to rebuild the district of Muzzafargarh in southern Punjab. Through 1toAnother, those overwhelming statistics start materialising into something that you and I can get behind.

The Locks raised their target finances and now, after weeks of planning, they’ve arrived in Pakistan and the work is underway. All the resources go straight to Muzzafargarh communities because the 1toAnother team is an entirely volunteer effort.

You can contribute to the rebuilding here, and you can see exactly where your help is going from day to day, as the Locks post stories, photos, and videos.

Meanwhile, Barnabas Fund is making sure that the minority Christian communities don’t get left out.

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Arthur Davis

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