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15 things from Cape Town 2010 (Lausanne 3)

Ian Buchanan of Langham Partnership has posted his list of 15 take-home gems from Cape Town 2010. You can find the full post here.

Hoped-for future developments

1. Thinking about what meaningful discipleship should look like is important if we want to live well.

2. The centrality of Christ and Scripture was beautiful.

3. We’re a big and “strangely unified” global church.

4. Our beliefs are not private.

5. Corporate repentance is good for us.

6. We need to exercise our prayer muscles more often.

7. We need to BE good news, not just preach good news.

8. We do it over there but rarely over here!!!

Lessons learnt and worth sharing back home

1. Too many are suffering for their witness to Christ.

2. Experiencing the “enfleshed reality” of the global church is worth bottling for our home churches.

3. We need to be aware of the historical trajectories of ideas.

4. Europe is now known by others to be the new “hard place”.

5. Theological dog whistle blowers were rare and ineffective.

6. Edinburgh 1910 is a long time ago.

7. Islam may be the big issue for the West but there are many other religions that need our careful attention.

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