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Learning carols for Advent 2016

He comes to make his blessings flow far as the curse is found

This morning our family hung the first installment on our Jesse Tree (purple circles => God). Tamie and I are going through the Common Grace Advent devotions on Being Present. And we continue to draw on the beautiful Waiting Songs album by Rain for Roots.

We have a repertoire of memorised hymns and songs that we sing to the boys at bed time. In addition to some existing Christmas songs, this Advent I’ve added the Wexford Carol and the Sussex Carol.

It’s hard to find good versions of the Sussex Carol on Youtube – it’s really a party tune, and I think it falls flat in traditional choral format! But the version below is superb – and I went and bought the Kerfuffle album too. (When I sing it, I change all the archaic uses of the term ‘men’.)


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