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Move against the fear

Why Africa? Compared with where we’re heading, this video is about a different dimension of ministry, in different parts of Africa, from a different sending group. Yet it’s the same church, the same world, the same mission. “Why haven’t the missionaries returned? … In the past there were missionaries who loved […]

Lessons with Emirates

On the plane from Dubai to Dar es Salaam, there was a Tanzanian family sitting a few rows in front of us. It was a Dad, an older woman, possibly his mother, and three young children. The youngest was a little girl, probably about 18 months and she was adorable. […]

The problem at the market

In my last post, I mentioned that you can’t separate off St John’s the uni from Dodoma as a town and I want to explore that some more here. There are lots of non-uni people to interact with: the guards at the uni gate; the milk lady; drivers; sellers at […]