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Dar / Dodoma Comparison

We went to Tanzania to explore the possibility of uni student ministry but Tanzania’s a big place with a number of universities so one question we have to ask is ‘Where in Tanzania?’ The two main places we looked at were Dar es Salaam and Dodoma. Both were keen for […]

First Bus Trip

This begins a series of reflections on our time in Tanzania. Some of these posts will be stories of what happened (like this one); others will be missiological or cultural reflections; some will be us processing the future possibilities in Tanzania.

Tanzania: why go? (Part 1)

So, why go to Africa? Long term? or just for this visit? I thought I’d thought about this before but this week I’ve had a number of conversations that have caused me to re-visit this as Christians have discouraged me from our current long term plan to work in Tanzania.

Tanzania visit!

When we left Adelaide at the end of 2008, Tamie and I were exploring ministry in Europe. ¬†Last year, those plans changed, particularly when we heard about a potential opportunity in Tanzania! In a few weeks’ time, we’re off to Europe with 44 other Ridley students for the Reformation History […]