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Lessons with Emirates

On the plane from Dubai to Dar es Salaam, there was a Tanzanian family sitting a few rows in front of us. It was a Dad, an older woman, possibly his mother, and three young children. The youngest was a little girl, probably about 18 months and she was adorable. […]

The problem at the market

In my last post, I mentioned that you can’t separate off St John’s the uni from Dodoma as a town and I want to explore that some more here. There are lots of non-uni people to interact with: the guards at the uni gate; the milk lady; drivers; sellers at […]

Where should we live?

In my last post, I highlighted one of the missiological issues that we will face if we go to Dodoma: language. Another issues is where we will live. In the past (and sometimes the present) missionaries have been notorious for living in big houses, separate from the people they’re trying […]

The ‘New Tanzania’

One of the most striking things about Tanzania is the incredible poverty of its people. Now, you expect that when you go to Africa – I’d seen enough World Vision appeals that the Tanzanian countryside didn’t shock me, sad though it was. Here’s what was surprising: the scorn expressed by […]

Big Men

After arriving in Dodoma on Saturday night, the first thing we did on Sunday morning was to go to church with Neville and Elspeth. There’s an English service at 7:30am that the students are encouraged to go to and lead at to improve their English and that was the one […]