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Rainfall: Adelaide vs Dodoma

Adelaideans will be well familiar with the statistic that South Australia is the driest state on the driest continent on earth. I was wondering about how this compares with Dodoma the other day and here’s what I found:

  • Adelaide is drier. It gets 546mm of rain per year; Dodoma gets 570mm per year.
  • In Adelaide, this is spaced over the year. About 50% falls in the winter, between May and August and Jan-Feb is notably drier.
  • In Dodoma, 85% of the rain falls between December and March. And there’s nothing between June and September.

So, in summary, Adelaide is less predictable but marginally drier; Dodoma is marginally wetter, but all in one hit!

(Melbourne is wetter than both, by the way. It measures in at about 650mm per year and levels of rainfall are more constant year-round – pretty much always between 45 and 65mm per month.)

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