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The weekly awe 1

A new series. Photography, art, and graphics to inspire creativity, to give a different tilt to the world, to help integrative thinking. Impressions and inklings; where I might have come from; where I could be going. Mostly taken from wallpaper/desktop backgrounds on my computer. Click through to get the large […]

2 things about Adelaide

The thing about moving a lot is that it’s hard to work out where home is. While we were in Melbourne, we missed Adelaide. But Melbourne grew on us and now that we’ve moved back to Adelaide, I realise that Melbourne has turned me into a cafe snob – Adelaide […]

Rainfall: Adelaide vs Dodoma

Adelaideans will be well familiar with the statistic that South Australia is the driest state on the driest continent on earth. I was wondering about how this compares with Dodoma the other day and here’s what I found: Adelaide is drier. It gets 546mm of rain per year; Dodoma gets […]

Tamie’s break

We’re heading back to Adelaide for Dec-Jan. I’m excited about seeing Arthur’s brother get married; Christmas; being there for my littlest sister when she gets married; preaching at our home church; writing talks for Grace Conference; CMS Summer Encounter; and celebrating our birthday with Red Twin before her big move! With […]

Preaching heroes

Arthur and I often get asked who our preaching heroes are. Who do we listen to and model ourselves on? I think we probably get asked because we’re quite vocal about our reservations about popular preachers such as Mark Driscoll and John Piper and even Tim Keller. It’s not that […]