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Adelaide Christian Scene

One of the things we’ve been struck by since moving to Melbourne is the distinctives of our home town, Adelaide. Lots of people know Adelaide as the City of Churches. It’s not that Adelaide had an especially high number of church buildings, but Adelaide was the first place in Australia […]

Holiday Stats

Here are the vital stats from our trip back to Adelaide for Christmas: 1730 km travelled 5 DVDs watched 4th and 5th placing in Lockery bowling outing 3 family Christmas functions attended 3 ice creams (each!) 2 colds (1 each) 2 pandas seen 2 closed churches visited (then we gave […]

10 Things

Homesickness is a funny thing. Arthur and I talk pretty constantly about how great Adelaide is – the ‘big country town’ feel, the lack of traffic, the opportunities for interdenominational collaboration, etc. But being back in Adelaide the last few days brought home to me the subtler familiarities of home. […]

Confrontational Sensitivity

I’ve heard it said that Adelaide people are ‘polite’ before. But let me put it out there – Melbourne people are forthright. I could say ‘rude’, but that’s a little too strong. Of course it’s only a generalisation, a trend I’ve noticed since being in Melbourne (just as Adelaideans’ reputation […]