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Homesickness is a funny thing. Arthur and I talk pretty constantly about how great Adelaide is – the ‘big country town’ feel, the lack of traffic, the opportunities for interdenominational collaboration, etc. But being back in Adelaide the last few days brought home to me the subtler familiarities of home. So in no particular order here are:

Ten Things I Miss About Adelaide

  1. The James Place bakery – best jam donuts in the world.
  2. The sound of people validating their bus tickets.
  3. People discussing the Crows pretty much wherever you are (and I don’t even like football!)
  4. How the air feels dry.
  5. Navigating a major shopping centre without having to consult a map.
  6. Driving towards the hills up Grand Junction Road and looking at the hill with the line straight down the middle where the trees stop.
  7. The vibrations of the Obahn as it winds its way around the Torrens.
  8. Seeing school uniforms I immediately recognise.
  9. Dumpling King at the Central Markets.
  10. Being able to identify who the artist in ad voice-overs is.

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Tamie Davis

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  1. You can keep your Crows conversation – I for one hope they get thrashed by Collingwood this week.

    One thing I miss about Adelaide (well, last year’s Adelaide) is Arthur and Tamie!

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