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6 things I learned from my village visit

We’re spending some of the uni holidays visiting village churches. Our experience of Tanzania has been largely urban but ‘the village’ is the backdrop to the Tanzanian zeitgeist as well as the background or future for many university students. We’re doing the visits separately  so that the other of us […]

First Coming

Christmas is a time of great joy, but not because we ignore the hard and hurtful things. Christmas is a time of great joy because God has not left us in this on our own; he has joined us that he might heal us. Thanks to The Advent Project for […]

A short history of the mkesha (overnight)

As the new academic year begins in Dodoma, it seems like every weekend features another mkesha, the big all-night gathering for university students. The mkesha phenomenon is little more than a decade old. We’re told it began in Dar es Salaam around 2000. With packed daily timetables, students were busy, but were […]