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Stripped (Eddie Izzard)

Last week Arthur and I went to see Eddie Izzard in his latest show Stripped. We’ve previously enjoyed his humorous take on European history in Dress to Kill and this time amused ourselves pre-show by translating the Hebrew paragraph on the backdrop. There were a number of other ancient languages there as well […]

Discussing beliefs online

Communicate Jesus and St Eutychus have been asking whether it’s any use to discuss beliefs online.  Both of them have become somewhat pessimistic about it, at least in terms of atheist-Christian discussions.  But this is a broader issue too…

Global Atheist Convention 2010

I’ve been enjoying the ABC’s blog covering the Global Atheist Convention (subscribe here).  There is a good team of guest bloggers, including Christians I respect, Ben Myers and Chris Mulherin.  So far, the blog has spent much of its time questioning whether the Convention will be reflective and constructive, or strident and […]