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One year in: blog highlights

I recently had the opportunity to reflect on our first year in Dodoma in a series of vignettes for Eternity. Becoming Neighbours Partners at University Learning and Legacy Here are some other posts that reflect some of the learning and thinking we’ve done over this year. On Prosperity, Tanzanian Christianity […]

Top blogs roundup

There are eight blogs, or rather bloggers, who I find particularly significant, all Australian. This list has come together organically, but it turns out to have a breadth of perspectives across theory and praxis. These are the bloggers through whom I’ve found myself expanding my vision — they’re somewhat close […]

Discussing beliefs online

Communicate Jesus and St Eutychus have been asking whether it’s any use to discuss beliefs online.  Both of them have become somewhat pessimistic about it, at least in terms of atheist-Christian discussions.  But this is a broader issue too…