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There are eight blogs, or rather bloggers, who I find particularly significant, all Australian. This list has come together organically, but it turns out to have a breadth of perspectives across theory and praxis. These are the bloggers through whom I’ve found myself expanding my vision — they’re somewhat close to me and somewhat distant from me, they’re generally within my context and concerns yet at the edges.

Here’s a bit of what’s been happening recently.

Matt Stone of Sydney writes the beautifully broad Glocal Christianity. He has been revisiting a past ministry experiment called Thin Places, an attempt to meet with Neo-Pagans, and continues to update his fascinating collection of Jesus art.

Sydney’s Byron Smith is studying theological ethics in Scotland. His blog, Nothing New Under The Sun, has gathered steam as a place for thinking Christianly about the environment.

In Melbourne, Steve Addison is a practitioner who understands church planting as more than a fad, connecting it with world Christianity and the history of mission. His blog has the same title as his book, Movements that Change the World.

Ben Myers, who has a look about him like John Donne (right), is a Sydney theologian. His Faith and Theology is a poetic melting pot of academic theology.

Mikey Lynch, a ministry practitioner in Tasmania, continues his ever-practical stream of bite-sized thoughts at Christian Reflections.

Michael Jensen, a theologian in Sydney, has been writing about Anglican and evangelical identity at The Blogging Parson.

Mark Sayers, a pop culture commentator and ministry thinker from Melbourne, has been posting video tips for would-be Christian leaders in their twenties.

Steve Kryger is a social media specialist in Sydney, applying his skills to ministry and helping the church think about modern communication at Communicate Jesus.

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