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Top blogs roundup

There are eight blogs, or rather bloggers, who I find particularly significant, all Australian. This list has come together organically, but it turns out to have a breadth of perspectives across theory and praxis. These are the bloggers through whom I’ve found myself expanding my vision — they’re somewhat close […]

The Vertical Self (book review)

Mark Sayers has a real knack for diagnosing our Western bone cancers and provoking us to recover true life. If there’s a crisis in the Western church, he says, it’s not a crisis of church formatting but a crisis of discipleship.  The basic Christian life, the very place where the […]

Hungry Beast

The newest addition to our pop culture corner (to your right and down a bit) is Hungry Beast.  Think Media Watch for Gen Y.  Last night we instantly accelerated it to the top of our TV schedule.  Hungry Beast brings a critical eye to the media along with a concern […]